Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Because holy shit, YES!

Discotek Media has officially licensed both the original 92 episode MAZINGER Z/マジンガーZ and 25 episode CUTEY HONEY/キューティーハニー TV shows from 1972 and 1973, respectively.

It's official: There are no more rules anymore. Anything and fucking everything can happen.

Now, if he can just complete the Nagai Holy Trinity with one more fourty year old TV show... and don't y'all even pretend you don't know which one I'm talkin' bout.


Demon said...

I couldn't believe this when I saw it pop up on facebook. I don't wanna buy anymore DVDs, but I need Mazinger Z. No real interest in Cutey Honey, but boy do I hope they get Devilman next!

Demon said...

In other news:


Kentai 拳態 said...

Ha! Shout Factory actually licensed those awful William Winckler Productions dubbed compilation movies?!

Seriously, check this thing out...

Licensing MAZINGER Z and CUTIE HONEY was a bold and risky move, to say the least. But licensing any of these monstrosities? That's practically financial suicide!

Demon said...


Gurotaku said...

Try as I might, I was never able to get into Nagai's giant robot stuff, so I'm pretty sure I'll pass on MAZINGER Z. CUTEY HONEY, though, is another matter. I watched a fansub the first 12 episodes years ago and have been wanting the rest ever since. That it's now getting an official release on DVD is indeed mind-blowing. I wonder if we have the collapse of the American anime market to thank for this development. With the latest shows from Japan probably too expensive to turn a profit on, cornering the nostalgia market starts looking like an incredibly smart move on Discotek's part.