Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cry For Bloody Vengeance, yeah, my evening's kind of a huge, wet, smelly cunt. Downloading FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON for the second time tonight, whilst Mrs. Kentai is on her second hour of playing motherfucking SIMCITY 2013, which was also purchased this very day. Irony? I could give it to you wholesale right now.

The biggest slap in the dick is the fact that Steam and "Uplay" - yes, a DRM scheme you run from Steam, as if goddamn Xzbit himself is now working for Ubisoft to put DRM in yer DRM - both claim I've played the fucker for about 45 minutes when, in reality, I maybe got a whopping 5 minutes in before the game crashed, and promptly refused to start again after a reboot.

Guess I have the excuse I've needed to go all Scorched Earth on this mother fucker, including a new MoBo, 3TB HDD and clean Windows 7 64-bit install. "Real Life" keeps rearing its ugly head and convincing me it's something that can wait until next weekend, but if I can't get my FC3:BD on, real life can go mother fuck itself.

In lighter news, I bought a DVD! No, really, an NTSC DVD of a film that just came out for purchase. Why on Earth would I do that, particularly when it's a title I already have a Blu-ray copy of!? Well friends, we'll have a lot to talk about next time... and, actually, the flick is basically a perfect match with Blood Dragon. Separated at birth, you could say.

Alright, let's see what happens... your move, Uplay.


Anonymous said...

Give Mrs Kentai my regards for playing Simcity.

Demon said...

If you are talking about MANBORG, I need to know now!!! I didn't know there was a German blu-ray until I read this post and then did a Google search! Is there something wrong with the German blu? Did you buy the US DVD? I need to own this film ASAP. TELL ME WHAT TO BUY :)

Kentai 拳態 said...

Anon: She was one of the Beta testers on the "MMORPG" remake, so at least she knew exactly what she was getting into. What can I say, she's using the Poo Map and loving it.

Demon: I'll have details soon, but the short version is the German Blu-ray is (basically) an HD interlaced NTSC > HD interlaced PAL conversion, with all the ugly frame blending and stuttering that implies. Also, the entire film appears to have been shot using SD video and upscaled to HD after the fact, so while there is some resolution loss on the DVD, it's not as dramatic as you'd expect.

More importantly, the German BD is completely bare-bones, and the film itself runs 62 minutes. The Dark Sky DVD clocks in at 72, primarily because it includes a "Preview" for BIO-COP attached to the feature itself. Much like the fake trailers in the Tarantino/Rodriguez GRINDHOUSE double feature, it has nothing to do with the actual feature itself, but it is an awesome addition, and the fact that the US release also includes a commentary, behind the scenes featurette and deleted scenes sure doesn't hurt.

Like I said, we'll explore this in depth soon, but for the time being I'd say pick up the DVD for $10 and worry about an "HD" upgrade down the road, if at all.

Demon said...

Cool! Thanks for the info! Will the order the US DVD ASAP!

Gurotaku said...

I'm really curious what you have to say about the recent BD releases ( of Stuart Gordon's CASTLE FREAK and THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM.

Kentai 拳態 said...

Their SUBSPECIES HD master was a bad joke, but their Puppet Master transfers weren't half bad. I won't say a word until I have them on hand and can dissect them properly...

Goddamn it, why is the UK release not due until Sept??! said...

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